More than years of committed efforts resulting into the best quality products and strong brand name "Sphurti" in the Dairy Industry. Since then "Sphurti" products are widely available in Maharashtra & North Karnataka. The product range includes: "Keshar Elaichi Shrikhand, Amrakhand, Rabdi Basundi, Fruitkhand, Sitaphal Basundi, Butterscotch Delight, Malai Dahi, Malai Paneer, Ghee, Flavoured Milk, etc."

The rich culture of India with it's colourful & variety of festivals always brings in "Moments of Joy".
We know that "Festival time is the time of Celebration" "आनंदाचे क्षण स्फूर्तीचे" AND "Sphurti" is the real taste of Celebration.

Shpurti Products

" Sphurti's Ready-To-Eat, mouth watering delicious products are 100% Vegetarian. The main Ingredient used to prepare all these products is Rich & Quality Milk. All products are available in attractive & hygienically packed packs. The taste of "Sphurti" will cherish the memories of celebration. "